My African Dream

This is about people sharing their African dreams while someone elsewhere with a similar dream connects with them to either start or support an existing project. 

It's said and we believe that if people want to attain self actualisation, they will have to go through self assessment and determination. The self assessment part of it when the someone with an African dream digs out the dream from within and determination occurs when people look at it everyday and work towards it. They could either choose to go work on it alone, connect with someone to achieve it or to support someone else who is already working on something towards their dream.

Afripreneur believes in this social & knowledge age, collaboration is one of the essential factors for success. Afripreneur has been able to benefit from the collaborative effort of so many people to get to where it is today. This happened because the Afripreneur team through its actions expressed what it wanted to achieve and many people supported the effort of the team most especially view fantastic knowledge resources and service support.

It is in this spirit of collaborate with one another to achieve dreams that we brought up the concept of My African Dream. The "My African Dream shared by those who buy into the idea will be majorly shared across the social media channels where Afripreneur has a presence on.

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