Afripreneur Launches Commercial Operations

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Feb 18, 2016
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Afripreneur is a social business platform for entrepreneurs. Its also described as a culture of business and entrepreneurship. Afripreneur provides various platforms which intends to serve the entire needs & support lifecycle of entrepreneurs. The various platforms includes knowledge platforms, tools for business platforms and experience platforms. These platforms are integrated to allow entrepreneurs move easily from one platform to another based on their business need at any point in time. These platforms connected together as the Afripreneur social business platform and available for access at . We provided the social business platform as our response to the needs of entrepreneurs in starting and growing their business with speed & ease.


Afripreneur social business platform has three major parts with various platforms within. Knowledge Platforms allow entrepreneurs gain crucial business knowledge, learn from experts as well as colloborate with other entrepreneurs to grow.
Tools Platforms serves as the entrepreneur's best tools for business because we belief after teaching a man how to fish; he should be given the best tools to fish. Experience Platforms are made to inspire entrepreneurs to succeed.

For the knowledge platforms, we have the Afripreneur community and the Afripreneur online magazine. The Afripreneur community is a social platform which consist of various industry groups of entrepreneurs, professionals, etc in the spirit of entrepreneurship for networking & continuous learning. The Afripreneur online magazine (The Afripreneur) is a knowledge resource platform with practical business knowledge shared by various entrepreneurs & professionals and curated by a dedicated team.

The tools for business platforms consist of 4 platform tools for business which includes Afripreneur MentorMe, Afripreneur SupportMe, Afripreneur AdviseMe and Afripreneur EmployMe. Afripreneur MentorMe (The MentorMe) using the Training-Apprenticeship-Mentorship model which helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their business of interest by learning from an entrepreneur close to their location anytime. Afripreneur SupportMe (The SupportMe) provides on demand connection entrepreneurs to quality business experts to render critical business services to entrepreneurs either remotely or physically at their workplace. Afripreneur AdviseMe (The AdviseMe) provides on demand business advisory for entrepreneurs from experienced entrepreneurs in their business & professionals in various criticals areas of business. Afripreneur EmployMe (The EmployMe) allows entrepreneurs employ people based on their ability to solve their business problems because we identified that entrepreneurs mostly don't have an exact job description for roles in their business.

The experience platforms consist of two platforms which are the inspire series and my African dream. The Afripreneur Inspire consist of various resources (mostly images) that helps to inspire entrepreneurs to greatness. My Africa Dream is about people sharing their African dreams while someone elsewhere with a similar dream connects with them to either start or support an existing project.

All the aforementioned work together to serve entrepreneurs as a social business platform while Afripreneur will retain and expand on its presence on facebook, twitter, youtube, Google plus, Instagram and Linkedin social channels.

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