Afripreneur is a social business platform for entrepreneurs. Its also described as a culture of business and entrepreneurship. Afripreneur provides various platforms which intends to serve the entire needs & support lifecycle of entrepreneurs. The various platforms includes knowledge platforms, tools for business platforms and experience platforms. These platforms are integrated to allow entrepreneurs move easily from one platform to another based on their business need at any point in time. These platforms connected together as the Afripreneur social business platform and available for access at . We provided the social business platform as our response to the needs of entrepreneurs in starting and growing their business with speed & ease.

Afripreneur started as a facebook group on January 1, 2011 @ . The initial idea of Afripreneur was to create a magazine online and offline for them to be able to read the right practical business content which will help them set up and grow. Based on the experience of the founder in setting up businesses, he believed back then that it was always much cheaper and more effective to build a market before launching a product; he decided to launch a facebook group as a cost effective experiementation ground online in a place where we had the largest gathering of people.

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